Monday, July 13, 2009

Muse's Corner is a New Artist/ Artisan Gallery in Historic Avondale!

Muse's Corner is bringing together a talented group of artists, artisans and crafters in the heart of historic Avondale, next door to Biscotti's Restaurant. Over 2700 sq feet of space is dedicated to showcase a wide range of unique and one of a kind artisan creations.
Featuring paintings, pottery, bath and body, jewelry, clothing, accessories, glass art, pet products, paper art and specialty greeting cards, fiber art, home decor and gourmet food.

Muse's Corner is located at 3562 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville FL 32205.
Store hours are:
Monday through Saturday: 11 am to 8 pm
Sunday: Noon to 6 pm

For more information, please contact Jaye Richardson at

Frequently asked questions:
1. How much does it cost?
For the price of 1 day at any local farmer's market or fair, your unique creations will be for sale 7 days a week!
Fee prices start at $25.00 a week.
Your agreement is initially for 60 days (2 months). Agreements will then be on a month to month basis and automatically renewed unless a written notice to terminate by the artist has been given.

2. What types of spaces are available?
Muse's Corner has approximately 2700 square feet available in the prime shopping area in Avondale.
There are 6 showrooms elegantly decorated to best showcase your work.
Available spaces include:
wall space
floor space
shelf space
The spaces are well lit with track and recessed lighting. Each artist or artisan will be able to dress up their own area. If you feel your items can be displayed in a smaller area or a single shelf, your contract will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Do I need to provide my own display stands and fixtures?
Yes, if you have your own display stands and cases, you are encouraged to use them. Additional display stands and cases are available in the store.
For small, expensive items such as jewelry, you are encouraged to supply a locked case.

4. How will get get paid?
Checks will be issued weekly. Muse's Corner will be responsible for the 7% Florida sales tax.

5. What other services will Muse's Corner offer?
For our customers, we will offer:
local and international shipping
gift registries: wedding, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversaries, corporate gifts as well as real estate new home registry
a website to showcase each artist and their products with merchant cart capability (your items can also sell online!) - additional fees may apply

6. What type of foot traffic does Muse's Corner have?
Our marketing shows plenty of foot traffic in the area. The Avondale neighborhood is a strip of boutiques, antique stores, bistros, restaurants and gift shops favored by connoisseurs of class, The Shoppes of Avondale. The Shoppes is one of the oldest nestled in the midst of stately homes built in the early 1900s.

7. What happens on the 3rd Thursday of the month?

Third Thursdays in Avondale
Every third Thursday of the month the Shoppes of Avondale are open for extended hours, from 5-8 pm for food, drinks, special discounts, live music in the streets, and much more! Restaurants will also be offering special discounts such as half price wine at Biscotti's.

8. Where is Muses's Corner located?
Muse's Corner is located in 3562 St. Johns Avenue, Jacksonville FL 32205

9. How do I apply?
Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis and they are filling up quickly!
You may express your interest by sending an email to Jaye Richardson: or drop in during business hours.
You will be asked to provide the following information with your application:
the items you plan to sell
your contact information
your website information (if you have one)

10. How will I keep track of my items?
You will be provided an inventory sheet where you can list your items.
You will be responsible for tagging and pricing your items.

Muse's Corner opened to the public on Saturday, July 25, 2009.

Apply today! Contact Jaye Richardson, email:

Muse's Corner's Mission Statement:

Spaces are now available!